Stay at Home Mom to Boss Mom

From Stay at Home Mom to Boss Mom

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I have been so excited to write this blog post. I am all about keeping it real. No BS. No get rich quick scheme. But for real, my life has recently turned upside down. I went from being a stay at home mom to boss mom overnight.

I thought I would EASE myself back into “working” again. I consider all of my side hustles work and it does become a full time job – maintaining my blogs and creating content, etc. But I really wanted to go back to work someday, as in have some me time away from the kids and earn some real money that is MINE.

I decided to join Upwork to find some freelance work. After all I am a blogger, I know how to develop websites and I am a Pinterest boss. Why not use these skills to see if other people might need some help?

I started this blog to really help others but the truth of the matter is that no matter how many courses you take or blogs you read, some people still do not know how to do it themselves. And let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with that.

I fully admit to not knowing a damn thing about Instagram but I sure know how to pin like a boss and create a website in 20 minutes. We all excel in different skills right?

My Point Is

I went from a stay at home mom to boss mom overnight. I do not say this as if anyone out there can do the same. I know that it has taken me YEARS of experience to be in this position today. I went from a dedicated Pinterest user since the platform originated to becoming a Pinterest expert.

If you ever feel down on yourself like you do not matter (speaking to all of you moms out there especially) remember that you are important and add value to this world in some way (other than being a mom and wife).

I know that feeling of losing all independence to be a stay at home mom. That feeling of having to share money and the guilt you feel for spending money that isn’t “yours”. I longed for that day I could be myself again. My hard-working self who has always paid my own bills and bought my own car.

Retirement is Near…

Not for me, but for my husband. I am excited to say that I now make nearly as much as him. I have had 14 clients in 2 months and I am expected to grow even more this year. My plan for 2020 is to make more money than my husband. This is not to one-up him, but to make it so that he can take a break from his career and enjoy himself and our kids more.

It is a little intimidating and also quite frightening. I worry about it all not working out and navigating the expenses and realities of owning your own business.

I’d love to hear some other mom boss stories! Are you a stay at home turned 6 figure mama?

Stay at Home Mom to Boss Mom

Learn how to start a mom blog in 20 minutes!

Do you need some mom boss motivation and inspiration? I went from a stay at home mom to working mom overnight. #momboss

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