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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Pinterest to grow my email list?

Pinterest is a great way to grow your email list via freebies, quizzes and other opt-ins. Keep in mind, third party links can get flagged on Pinterest, so it is best that your Pinterest audience can opt-in directly on your site.

How many Pins do you schedule per day? How many Pins do you create each month?

It is variable. It depends on your niche, amount of new and existing content, plus Pinterest’s current best practices. This can and does change, so we no longer add in exact numbers to our packages. 

what is your monthly reporting structure?

We’ve tried monthly reports of different kinds and have found that our Google spreadsheet has been preferred by most of our clients. This spreadsheet includes monthly Pinterest impressions, audience, engagement, link clicks and followers. We will also make note of any important updates such as growth in stats or upcoming Pinterest trends to plan for via email. 

how long does it take to notice results?

Typical growth is AT LEAST 3-6 months, but there is no magic number. It depends on a lot of different factors including your content. Pinterest ebbs and flows throughout the year. Results are not guaranteed. We’ve seen clients grow in a month and other clients grow in a year. 

do i need a blog?

Although a blog (or blog section) is not neccessary, we are strong believers in the power of blogging. We are speaking from experience when we say that Pinners love blog content! This doesn’t mean you have to have a blog, but you will need new content regularly regardless (new products, photos, etc). 

DO you offer pinterest ads management?

We do not offer a package just for Pinterest ads management. We specialize in organic Pinterest marketing and believe Pinterest ads works better when paired with an organic Pinterest strategy. We can discuss adding on ads management for an added fee (based on availability). 

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