What is Pinterest Predicts?

What is Pinterest Predicts?

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2022 is here! It’s been a crazy few years, but despite that, Pinterest continues to grow rapidly! Since it is its own search engine and not a typical social media platform, your content can live on much longer than other platforms. If you’re not already on Pinterest, now is a great time to start. Are you wondering what is Pinterest Predicts? Read on to find out what is trending on Pinterest in 2022!

Yearly Pinterest Trends

Every year, Pinterest releases a special “Pinterest Predicts” report that is unlike any other yearly trend report. Instead of sharing a year-end roundup, they use data to predict what will be coming in the next year. This information is helpful for content creators so you can plan out your themes for the year based on what is expected to attract Pinners’ eyes.

Since Pinners use Pinterest to plan for the future, Pinterest gathers data to see what is next. Did you know that from their Pinterest Predicts report for 2021, 8 out of their 10 predictions did come true? Even more the reason to save this report and refer to it as the year goes on! 

Pinterest makes predictions based on themes, like beauty, finance, celebrations, and even pets. They also make predictions based on audience, like Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and Boomers. Ready for some highlights? Here is what is trending on Pinterest in 2022. 

2022 Pinterest Predicts Trends


Be jeweled – Beyond the basic earring 

Gen Z is driving a trend toward accessories that go beyond normal necklaces and bracelets. They are getting creative by accessorizing all over their body, like tooth gems or pedicures with rhinestones! 

Tooth gem +85%

Ear curation +3x

Dermal piercing unique +145%

Pedicure with rhinestones +150%

Crystal eye makeup +110%


Pearlcore – the world is your oyster 

Pearl is the word! Between parties, jewelry and decorations, people will be all about pearls this year. 

Pearl gown +3x

Pearl necklace men +7x

Pearl themed party +2x

Pearl wedding decorations +185%

Pearl ring simple +2x 


Altbashes – Parties for life’s undercelebrated moments

This year, Gen X, Boomers and Millennials alike will be looking to celebrate new things. Parties for everybody!

Adoption party theme +30%

Divorce party ideas +55%

Adopt a pet birthday party ideas +85%

Breakup cake +2x

Empty nest photoshoot +40% 


Flexercise – For the love of movement

In 2022, all age groups are looking for very mellow ways to move their bodies. Relaxation, here we come. 

Floating aesthetic +170%

Lazy workout in bed +135%

Daily stretching routine +80% 

Walking in nature +95%

Simple dance moves +150% 


Store decor – A new way to set up shop

More people are choosing to start their own shops this year, and all ages are looking to Pinterest to plan their signage, layouts and shopfronts.

Creative retail display +18x 

Farmers market display ideas +5x 

Restaurant ceiling ideas +3x

Vintage shop fronts +3x

Grand opening ideas business decorations +3x 


The last resort – All in for all-inclusive travel

In 2022, people of all ages are looking to travel and are turning to all-inclusive packages for relaxing getaways. 

Best all inclusive resorts +2x 

Resort vacation outfits +60%

All inclusive wedding packages +80%

Resort aesthetic +2x 

US Virgin Islands all inclusive +70% 


Barkitecture – unleash your home design

This year, people of all ages are focusing on making their home pet friendly – to the extreme! They will redesign their homes with their pets at the forefront.

Catify your home +4x 

Cat house design +4x

Luxury cat room +3x

Luxury dog room +115% 

Dog beds made from furniture +2x 

What is trending on Pinterest this year?

What do you think about Pinterest’s predictions for 2022? Time will tell to see if these items will be trending, but with their awesome track record, it’s safe to say that you should keep an eye on these trends! To find out what is trending on Pinterest Predicts, check out this year’s Pinterest prediction report.

Want to know what is trending on Pinterest this year? Pinterest Predicts make predictions every year for the Pinterest Trends expected to be pin-worthy each year. Check out all of the Pinterest predicted trends for 2022.

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