Pinterest Presents 2023 Recap

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Pinterest Presents 2023 Recap

Every year, Pinterest Presents showcases new features coming soon to Pinterest! This year’s Pinterest Presents advertiser summit introduced new ad formats, seamless shopping opportunities and innovative pin creation. One thing is for certain, the world of marketing is changing at a fast pace and sometimes it is difficult as a brand or creator to keep up with the evolution of digital marketing. That is why we created this roundup just for you. Here is our Pinterest Presents 2023 recap in case you missed the live presentation.

If you haven’t realized this yet, Pinterest is known for being a positive and inspiring visual-first platform. While some social platforms engage their users through enragement, Pinterest aims to provide an inspiring platform for discovering new ideas. It’s no secret that Pinners are big planners. As Pinterest puts it, the Pinterest process goes like this: discovery, decision, do. While the industry is changing fast, there is still so much room to grow your audience on Pinterest.

Pinterest’s New Ad Formats

One of the most exciting takeaways during Pinterest Presents was their rollout of new ad formats for building stronger engagement. Showcase ads and Quiz ads are two new ad types that will help drive audiences from discovery to decision.

Showcase ads display a set of pins with the ability to link every pin in the showcase ad to your site. This is a great way to showcase many products and product links under one pin ad.

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Quiz ads are a new interactive ad type for brands. Through Quiz ads, you can pick three questions for your audience to answer via a quiz. Then, make recommendations based on their answers. So far, brands are loving Quiz ads!

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Another new ad format is called Premiere Spotlight, a video format with the highest impact. These take up a larger portion of the feed for maximum exposure.

Pinterest Shopping in 2023

Through mobile deep links and direct links, eCommerce brands can see higher conversion rates. Pinners will find it easier than ever to shop on Pinterest in the coming months too. Checkouts will also be seamless with this new integration between Pinterest and brand apps.

If you haven’t yet added your products to Pinterest, it isn’t too late. Apply to be a merchant directly on your Pinterest business hub page. Once you are approved, you can add your catalog of products to your Pinterest business profile.

Pinterest Creative Studio & Collages

Lastly, Pinterest is launching a new and exciting tool called Creative Studio. Lifestyle images can be created for quick and easy pin creation using AI technology. This creation tool might be a fit for some creators, but not for all creators. That is why you can still count on us for custom pin creation when you work with us.

Collages is another new feature which allows Pinners to collect many ideas into one pin. Similar to a vision board or poster with magazine cutouts, collages are great for pairing different products or ideas together. As a Pinner, you can add collages to your boards for ongoing inspiration.

While we love the latest Pinterest innovations, it is important to understand Pinterest marketing before diving in head-first. If you need help getting started or would love for an agency to take on this role for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. In case you missed it, here is the Pinterest Presents video.