Gen Z & Millenial Trends on Pinterest

Gen Z and Millennial Pinterest Trends

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Pinterest Predicts released their yearly roundup of soon-to-be-trending content in 2022. Unlike other companies that do a year-end report, Pinterest creates an upcoming trend report based on data about what they think is to come. It’s one of my favorite pieces of content they produce and share with their audience, so pin creators can create content that pinners will be searching for in the coming year! This post will cover Gen Z and Millennial Pinterest trends that have been predicted for this year.

Find out what Gen Z and Millennials will be looking for on Pinterest in 2022

Did you know that in addition to just trends, they also break it down by categories (like auto, beauty, food and beverage, home, and parenting – to name a few) and audience (Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, and Boomers)? Let’s dive in to review two of the top audiences that so many brands want to target these days – Gen Z and Millennials – to see what Pinterest thinks these audiences will want to be looking for on Pinterest in 2022. 

Gen Z Pinterest Trends in 2022 

Night Moves 

Gen Z will be driving (literally!) a trend toward taking bucket list trips during the nighttime hours. Some say all the most exciting things happen after the sun goes down. 

Road trip aesthetic +2x

Bioluminescence aesthetic +95%

Han River night +65%

Sea night beach +150%

London city night +2x

Puff Love

Pinterest predicts that people will be embracing their natural hair texture this year with a variety of big hair styling techniques. Gen Z will be leading this trend. Bring out the fun! 

High puff hairstyles +165%

Space buns natural hair +100%

Two puffs natural hair hairstyles +65%

Short natural hair styles+185%

Natural hair bun styles +160%

Rebel Cuts

Gen Z is ready to show off their uniqueness by asking for hard-to-miss haircuts at the salon. Never be afraid to try something new! 

Bob cut wigs +3x

Octopus haircut +2x

Shaved head dye designs +12x

Short hair mohawk +2x

Mullet hairstyle +190%

Higher Frequency

In 2022, Gen Z is looking for ways to raise their spiritual awakening in a variety of ways. Breathe in, breathe out. 

How to protect your energy +60%

How to raise your vibration +145%

Spiritual awakening stages +4x

Aura colors +36x

Frequency healing +35%

Millennial Pinterest Trends in 2022 

Check Yourself

Millennials will be playing checkers, not chess this year as everything checkered will be having a moment. 

Checkerboard pattern +160%

Checkerboard nails+165%

Checkered rug +4x

Checkered tile floor +5x

Checkered suit men +95%

Mindful Menstruation

Everyone’s body is different, and in 2022 Millennials will focus on learning more about their menstrual health. 

Follicular phase +70%

Luteal phase +40%

Period care +3x

Menstrual cycle chart +95%

Period starter kit +85%


Money, money, money! In 2022, Millennials will focus on their journey toward understanding their finances in a better way. 

Investment tips +195%

Passive income tips +35%

Financial education +155%

Financial planning bullet journal +90%

Investment property for beginners +45%

Biophilic Designs

Millennials will be “planting” new ideas in their homes – literally. Bringing life into your home takes on a whole new meaning as people will be searching for plant-based decor all over their homes. 

Biophilic architecture +150%

Biophilic office design +3x

Biophilic design bedroom +100%

Staircase garden +175%

Floral ceiling +3x

What do you think about these trends? Will you create any content to align with what Pinterest expects to be trending so you can reach these target audiences? If you haven’t already, check out the full Pinterest Predicts 2022 report.

Gen Z and Millennial Pinterest Trends

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