Why You Should Hire an Expert for Every Platform

Why You Should Hire an Expert For Every Platform

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Are you frustrated with the ever-changing social media algorithms? Do you have a VA or social media marketing team managing all of the platforms? Or maybe you are managing them all yourself? I get it…as a small business owner without a marketing team, it can feel like a daunting task. What I can tell you from experience is that it is totally worth it to invest in experts who know each platform better than any VA or social media manager. Today I am going to share why you should hire an expert for every platform.

There is a reason why I am a Pinterest expert and not a social media manager or VA. I have come to the realization (and I am confident in admitting) that I cannot be a true expert for every single platform. This would equal 10 full time jobs or more. If you have the budget to invest in a manager for each platform, I highly recommend it!

Why You Should Hire an Expert For Every Platform

Don’t get me wrong – there are times when I think having an all-in-one team member or VA makes sense. But there are also other times when it doesn’t. If you are a larger business with a marketing team, it is totally worth it to have a team member to represent and manage each platform. For example: an Instagram expert for managing IG, a Facebook manager for FB, a TikTok creator for TikTok, etc.

Remember when it used to only be Facebook? You bet we will always have more platforms rather than less. As business owners, we know it is beneficial to be marketing ourselves on ALL platforms, but the reason why we don’t is because we just don’t have the bandwidth. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be an expert for each platform and know them WELL.

That is why I think it is best to hire an expert for each platform if you can. They will know the latest algorithms, best practices and the most up to date information about the given platform. Knowing the latest and greatest of each platform is a lot of work so let the expert do that part for you.

What If You Can’t Hire an Expert For Each Platform?

I get it. Thankfully, there are other ways to learn the ins and outs of each platform without having to hire multiple team members. If your budget is small, consider a mastermind group, online group or online courses to get you through the basics of each platform. Collaborate with your blogger friends or even offer a trade in services or products with others.

You should also try to repurpose content and use websites like Canva (affiliate link) to resize and create graphics across all platforms. This will save you time and will help you bulk create content.

Looking for a Pinterest Expert?

99.9% of the clients we onboard or have consults with are following a Pinterest strategy that is completely outdated and inefficient. That’s where we come in. If you are looking for a Pinterest expert, we have offerings for different budgets. We also have many connections in the online marketing industry, so don’t be afraid to ask for some referrals 🙂

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Why You Should Hire an Expert For Every Platform

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