Adopting a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Adopting a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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Whether you are business owner or blogger, the pressure of rising costs and inflation are affecting many on a personal and business level. When it comes to monetizing and marketing your business, it’s important that it is recession-proof. If there is any advice I can give on the subject, it is that adopting a successful Pinterest marketing strategy is more than likely going to pay off.

Pinners Have Higher Incomes & Higher Intent

Pinterest users find daily inspiration for their work and personal lives by browsing endless beautiful pins.  Those inspirations convert to better sales than other platforms according to multiple research studies.  When it comes to e-commerce it’s no surprise that Pinterest users outspend every other platform by 80% every month.  Pinterest users have also been known to take their time buying as 75% of conversions on Pinterest take more than a week.  Research also shows a true correlation between consumers taking longer to buy and spending more money.

The real reason Pinterest users are taking longer to consume and spending more money is due to the “open-mindedness” nature of the Pinterest platform itself.  By Pinterest users scrolling endless beautiful pins, their attention is kept intact as they explore, their eyes anticipating the perfect image to captivate and intrigue. When people are in an inspirational mood, they’re more likely to explore and try new things, which also relates to buying opportunities to fulfill their daily needs.  People really do use Pinterest to plan for their futures; their Pinterest saves indicate what their dream wedding, vacation, furniture or home decor might look like.  Pinterest becomes the perfect space to build out what your perfect life may look like, such as a collection of dream homes, best places to live or even what the perfect birthday party themes for your kids. 

Pinterest Predicts

Thank the Pinterest developers for harnessing the power of Pinterest saves by building a predictive algorithm for understanding developing trends.  When Pinterest users save Pinterest pins they are displaying their intent to do something whether it’s wearing a certain style of clothing, a new haircut style or a product they want to buy.  This “intent” is where the value is.  Pinterest then builds predictive models such as the following:  “shaved head dye designs” are trending at 12 times what they were not so long ago.  Say hello to Pinterest Predicts!

When it comes to adopting a successful Pinterest marketing strategy, Pinterest Predicts has become a powerful and valuable free tool for anyone to tap into for predictive research.  Eight of their 10 predictions for 2021 came true!  That’s a great track record.  On the Pinterest Predicts page you are able to filter their 2022 trends by Audience and Category. 

Pinterest Trends

Using Pinterest Predicts and Pinterest Trends in your Pinterest marketing strategy is a great way to plan out your upcoming Pinterest content, For example, I am a foodie so I’m so curious to see what will be trending this year.  I see the “ancestral eats” post highlighting a noticeable trend for traditional recipes around the world.  If you were a food blogger, now would be the time to focus on featuring authentic, traditional recipes from around the world.  So, you could feature a “grandma’s recipe” from different countries around the world, or even just repurpose your older published recipes with a traditional recipe roundup every week, while pinning these to gain exposure to the growing trend.  By targeting the trends early and often, you are able to give yourself an early advantage, which in the competitive world we live in, is so important to growth.

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Adopting a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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