How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2022

Making Money on Pinterest in 2022

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Most people know how Pinterest marketing works in a general sense:  as more people save your Pins, the higher your website traffic will be where you would either monetize website traffic with Google ads, Amazon affiliate links, or sell a product or offer a service.  However, did you know that there are several new ways to make money on Pinterest? Making money on Pinterest in 2022 can happen in many ways.

Pinterest’s Creator Rewards Program

My clients are dying to get their foot in the door with this new feature! Although it isn’t available to all creators yet, it’s a great way to make money on Pinterest if you qualify. Look for the “earn” button in the “creators hub” on the Pinterest app when you are logged into your Pinterest business account. Don’t see the earn button yet? Don’t sweat it. This is still a new program and is currently only being tested with a small group of creators.  The Pinterest Creators Rewards Program allows creators to get paid for inspiring, actionable content.  Each month, Pinterest is looking for new ideas to showcase in their feed. New editorial prompts will give creators opportunities to meet specific engagement goals and eligibility criteria to earn money. 

Idea Pins

Another relatively new way to make money on Pinterest is through Idea Pins.  Idea Pins are basically a short-form video format that has made great success for Pinterest creators through brand deals.  While Idea Pins have garnered some criticisms, such as not allowing Pinterest users to click through to a website, as a whole Pinterest users are more likely to save Idea Pins which will eventually allow them to get to know you more, consume more of your Pins and eventually make the jump to your website!  Think of it like you’re building your own beautiful social community.  The whole concept of Pinterest Idea Pins is to convert inspiration into action:  Pinterest creators are sharing something special and showing their audience how to do it right on the Idea Pin, so it’s a problem with a solution approach.  Idea Pins last forever, never disappear and offer your audience a place to comment with you and others.

Brand Sponsorships

Pinterest creators can partner with brands within their own content!  Have a great recipe using a particular brand?  You can tag brands as partners within your Idea Pins using Pinterest’s paid partnership tool.  To unlock and use this paid partnership tool once you’ve made an Idea Pin within the Pinterest App, use the “advanced settings” menu to tag a partner brand. Once the brand approves the request, they become your partner and their brand name will show up on your Idea Pin.  Additionally, brands can choose your Idea Pins as content they sponsor, so your content technically becomes an ad and will reach a much larger audience than your organic Pins.

Product Tagging

As a Pinterest verified merchant, you can also monetize your Pins by tagging products!  Pinterest makes it easy to search for any product and tag it within your Pin so you are able to recommend a product for your audience. 

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How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2022

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