Pinterest Holiday Moments, Tips & Trends

Pinterest Holiday Moments, Tips and Trends

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The 2022 Holiday landscape is swiftly picking up and gaining momentum compared to the previous two years.  The 2020 decade started out with the pandemic and that put a stop to a lot of holiday planning and fun.  People had to adapt, and adopted less frequent, intimate gatherings with close friends and family, forgoing large holiday galas and parties we remember in the great times of the past.  After all the lockdowns and restrictions caused by the pandemic and the pandemic response, people are really looking forward to getting back to the way things were, socializing and celebrating the holidays more than ever.  This year holiday shoppers are planning to get out with their families and friends to eat at more restaurants, attending live concerts, movie theaters, and making more shopping trips to the mall. Pinners are also thinking about the holidays. Check out these Pinterest holiday moments, tips and trends.

People have been more attached to their smartphones than ever before.  People turn to Pinterest for relief from the drags of social media such as the polarizing political landscape, war and the pandemic.  Pinterest users are immediately inspired amidst their discovery of scrolling, positively charged Pins to make their lives more fun and easier.  Pinterest users are largely planners planning to do things in the near future, so Pinterest helps guide Pinterest users to the goal of making a decision and ultimately taking action such as buying a product, or several. Here are some of the Pinterest holiday moments, tips and trends to pay attention to as the holiday season approaches.

Pinterest Holiday Moments

Pinterest users are planning to have more big traditional holiday moments this year as well as more small mini moments this holiday season.  What do we mean by “moments”?  Moments are the special events people host or attend with their friends, family and coworkers.  Here are just some of the holiday moment ideas you can pin to Pinterest:  holiday movie night, Santa photos, gift wrapping party, tree decorating, secret Santa, cookie baking competition, ugly sweater party, Christmas baby gender reveal, 12 days of Christmas gifts, white elephant party, Friendsgiving, etc?

Pinterest Holiday Tips

Timing is everything!  Holiday gifting searches start very early on Pinterest, between July and September.  Halloween is Pinterest’s first big holiday moment.  To maximize your Pinterest success, start pinning your Halloween moments in July to get the most exposure by October.  In August, start pinning Thanksgiving moments to build momentum by November.  Christmas moment ideas can be pinned as early as July to get the most exposure by December!

Pinterest Holiday Trends

It is an important business practice to follow trends.  The following are currently trending on Pinterest for the holiday season:  christmas tree decorating themes, outdoor halloween ideas, christmas baking ideas, christmas makeup ideas, christmas photobooth ideas, etc. See how your product or service can fit into these holiday moments?  You can build an ad campaign and even an organic pin campaign to showcase your product in any of these holiday moments.

Need a Pinterest expert to help your business develop a Pinterest Holiday moment campaign early enough to succeed during the Holidays?  Please look no further than our team, and check out our Pinterest Marketing Services page to learn how we can help your business grow on Pinterest!

Pinterest Holiday Moments, Tips & Trends

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