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3 Seriously Amazing Pinterest Experts you Should Follow

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I LOVE seeing others doing what I am doing. As a matter of fact, I want to find more of them and be friends with them all. Here are 3 seriously amazing Pinterest experts you should follow. I am all about the blue ocean strategy. If you have a successful business you know it is all about those genuine relationships you have built throughout the years. It is the highs and lows and everything in between.

My background is in early childhood education. I have zero marketing degrees. I attribute some of my knowledge and experience about Pinterest to these wonderful Pinterest experts who I have admired and followed throughout the years. If you are looking for some Pinterest gurus to follow, these are it!

I started my Pinterest marketing, website and SEO business when a friend of mine reached out wanting me to teach her everything I know about Pinterest because she was obsessing over my blog’s pins. Before you knew it, I had more and more people emailing and messaging me begging for my help. That is when I knew I needed to turn this into a business.

Seriously Amazing Pinterest Experts you Should Follow:

Simple Pin Media

I’ve learned a lot about Pinterest from listening to Kate’s Simple Pin podcast. When I first started following Kate and listening to her podcast I was hoping to improve on my Pinterest marketing skills for my first blog All Natural & Good. Since I started All Natural & Good in 2013, over 80% of my traffic has come from Pinterest, so I have always been a believer of the platform.

I love Simple Pin and all of their useful content. Since starting my business, I continue to listen to Kate’s podcast and follow the amazing agency she’s built. Be sure to keep up with Kate to know all of the latest and greatest of Pinterest marketing.


Enough said. Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest so their information is most reliable and factual. Not only have I been using their Pinterest scheduling tool for quite awhile, I also had the opportunity to work with them which was amazing!

I am constantly keeping up with what they are doing by reading the Tailwind blog and following them on Pinterest. If you are looking for factual information about Pinterest then this is the blog to read.

Pinterest Academy

What better resource than Pinterest themselves, right? Pinterest Academy is a free tool with tons of learning tools for growing your business on Pinterest. I love how every “course” is short and easy to follow – I’m talking a few minutes. This helps you focus on one thing at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Even I use Pinterest Academy, so you should too!

Pinterest Experts

If you know of any other amazing Pinterest experts I should add to this list, please comment below. I will also be speaking at Alt Summit 2020 about Pinteresting ways to level up your brand and I hope to meet more Pinterest gals there.

Seriously Amazing Pinterest Experts you Should Follow

If you are looking for Pinterest marketing tips and ideas, Pinterest strategists, experts, gurus or agencies, these are my favorites! #pinterest #pinterestmarketing

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