Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Photographers Revealed

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When it comes to Pinterest marketing, there is always that question of whether or not it is right for you and your business. I have worked with clients of all kinds and I must say that photographers, specifically wedding photographers have seriously amazing potential on Pinterest. After all, weddings and photography are their own categories on Pinterest. Here is what you need to know about Pinterest marketing for wedding photographers.

Tons of Content Means Tons of Pins!

The great thing about photography is that you have a LOT of content. Throw up a nice blog post for each photoshoot, wedding or session and you’ve got yourself at least 10 photos if not 100, right? If you think about the number of photos you create for one wedding, you can have potentially hundreds of pins you are unaware of.

Pinterest Graphics

When I say pin I mean a Pinterest graphic that is 2:3 ratio or approximately 600×900 pixels. If you use a website like Canva Pro then their pin size is 735×1102 which works perfectly. If most of your photos are shot horizontally, these might not look the same as a vertical sized image when converted to a Pinterest graphic. This is just something to keep in mind.

ALWAYS watermark your images in some way, whether you use a logo or add your URL as a text overlay. Stolen pins and copyright infringement is unfortunately a thing on Pinterest so do not be a victim of having your beautiful photographs being used to drive traffic to someone else’s site. Find out more about reporting stolen Pinterest pins if this ever happens to you. Your watermark will give you the evidence you need to show Pinterest support that it belongs to you.

If you have a large collection of horizontal images, try making a collage pin with text overlays if resizing change the photo too much.

Pinterest for Wedding Planning

I don’t know about you but I used Pinterest during my entire wedding planning process. Whether you have used it yourself or you know a friend who has used Pinterest to browse wedding ideas, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. From getting ideas about dresses, flowers, poses, decor and everything in between, Pinterest is a platform many brides-to-be use to inspire their upcoming nuptials.

You may never know when someone might come across your pin, love that pose, love that dress, love those flowers or NEED to get married at that location. Make sure you are using Pinterest to market your photography or wedding business.

Local Wedding Photographers

If you are local to a specific area, you can target using keywords or run promoted pins (ads) to target a specific audience and location. Even if someone sees your pin who is not local to your area, they might generate you some income from your site. Think about it – if you have ads, affiliate links or any products that you sell on your website, this is potential for clicks and money in your pocket.

You also never know if a bigger fish in the sea decides to re-pin (now called save) your pin to their own boards or might click on your website and decide to feature you on their site. You never know the audience you will reach!

Basic Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Photographers

So how do you market on Pinterest as a wedding photographer? While I usually encourage my readers to use text overlays and designs for pins, I tend to take a different approach for photography. Sometimes it is perfect just the way it is and text overlays take away from the beautiful photograph. As long as you watermark it and size it properly, it is good to pin as is!

Remember that the half life of a pin is 3.5 months so you might start seeing a lot more traction after 3-6 months. Those people planning a wedding also tend to save a bunch of pins to their boards that they might not go back to for a few months. That is why it is important to understand that Pinterest takes time to build but it is SO worth the wait.

Also remember to:

  1. Create a pin for each image. Remember you can use Canva Pro or other tools to size it perfectly and add your logo or website, text overlays or other elements.
  2. Sign up for Tailwind (get one month FREE with my referral link) to schedule out your pins every single day including weekends and holidays.
  3. Join related Tailwind Tribes in your niche and share content in your Tribes.
  4. Pin at least 15 times per day but ideally up to 50 times per day. The more content you have, the better. Keep it high quality and consistent.
  5. Optimize your boards and pins using keywords. There are a lot of wedding-related keywords on Pinterest. Learn more about Pinterest SEO.
Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Photographers Revealed

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