How to Report a Stolen Pin

How to Report Stolen Pins on Pinterest

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Stolen pins are quite disheartening. For all the time and effort quality pinners put into their content creation and graphic designs, it is maddening when you find your pins are being stolen to drive traffic to someone else’s site. I mean, why can’t you just create your own image to use on Pinterest? What’s the big deal? Here is a step by step tutorial for how to report stolen pins on Pinterest.

What are Stolen Pins?

Stolen pins are when other pinners (aka users) steal images, names or trademarks from others to link to their own site rather than your’s. This is most common among fake or scammy sites that usually have nothing to do with the pin (image) they are using.

Here is an example of my most popular pin below. Its images (both old and new) get stolen all the time from fake and scammy sites to drive traffic to their own website. When you hover over a pin and you see it is going to a different site than indicated on the image or description, be sure to report it to Pinterest. I will show you how to do that soon.

Stolen Pin

I created this Pinterest graphic which used to appear on my blog All Natural & Good. I update the pin images often but as you can see, I watermarked it with my URL (something you should ALWAYS do on Pinterest graphics or marketing materials). As you can see it is sending users to a site called “stylemake…” (URL is cut off) which is obviously not matching up to the image here (well duh – because I own this image). This is also known as copyright infringement.

Here is another example – this time from a reputable site. I really hate to call people out but this one really upset me. For as many followers and viewers as liquor.com has, I was quite upset to see them steal my image to drive traffic to their own Fireball cinnamon whiskey recipe rather than mine (or giving me any type of credit whatsoever). Give credit when credit is due and be fair. Shouldn’t this be common sense?

Stolen Pin

My homemade fireball recipe has been one of my top performing blog posts for the past 6 years. I update the Pinterest graphic often and it continues to be a pin that is stolen often. I mean, shouldn’t this business have enough marketing resources to create their own Pinterest graphics? I think yes.

Should you Report Stolen Pins?

Absolutely! By doing so, this helps Pinterest create a quality and authentic experience to its users and rewards quality content creators on the platform too. It also helps identify spammy sites and those who may be violating the Pinterest terms.

How to Report Stolen Pins on Pinterest

Reporting pins to Pinterest is easy. When you hover over a pin, just click on the three dot icon and click on “report pin”. For reporting your own stolen pins, use the option at the very bottom to report they are stealing your intellectual property. Even if you have changed the Pinterest image they will be able to identify that it does not belong to the user who stole it. This is why watermarking is important because you can claim they are stealing your name (logo, URL, trademark, etc).

You will be prompted to a form to fill out with your information and URL in which your copyright was been infringed upon. It also gives you a box to explain more and you definitely should if you have a hard time providing evidence.

How to Report Stolen Pins on Pinterest

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