How Often Should you Pin to Pinterest?

How Often Should you Pin to Pinterest?

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How often should you pin to Pinterest? I get this question a lot and quite honestly it is a valid question. While other platforms may recommend posting once per day (maybe more or less), Pinterest is much different. The number can sound alarming and stress you out right away but don’t panic – it’s not as crazy as it seems. I will explain more and what one pin is considered in terms of content.

While they used to say it was recommended that you pin 15-25 times per day, the ever-changing algorithm can change things up. At one point I was able to Pin 50 times per day but currently if you Pin beyond 30 times per day you are putting your account at risk for getting marked as spam.

The best rule of thumb is this: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Pinterest currently wants to see fresh, new content regularly. First, learn what fresh Pinterest content means. It is all variable and depends on your niche and the amount of new and existing content you have to add to Pinterest. While some accounts can Pin 5 times per day, others might Pin 30 times per day. As long as you are consistent and active and Pinning fresh high quality content, you are good to go. You can always ramp your Tailwind queue up or down as needed.

What is Considered Content?

In Pinterest terms, it is the pin you are posting. This could be one photograph, one recipe, one blog post, one service. For example, if you sell one product but you have 10 photos of the product, you can create 10 pins – 1 pin for each photo. Eventually you will want to expand on those and create 5 unique pins for each product image.

If you are a photographer, you probably have a lot of content. Think of a photoshoot. Maybe you shot 10 photos. Maybe you shot 100. Either way, use each photo as one pin.

Creating Pins

When it comes to creating pins, ALWAYS use the right size. A 2:3 image is the correct size. Do not pin from Instagram or other platforms where your image is of a different size. Simply get on Canva and transfer the image to a pin size and use that for posting to Pinterest.

While I usually recommend adding text overlays to pins, this is not always necessary. If you are a photographer, you can pin the photo itself (make sure you watermark it). If you want to explain more, add a few words onto the image that will catch the eyes of your audience.

Always watermark your pins! Whether you write out your URL as text or use your logo, do not put up your pin creations without watermarking them first. The reason for this is unfortunately because people steal pins on Pinterest.

How Do I Possibly Pin 15 Times Per Day?

That is where having at least 10 optimized Pinterest boards and using Tailwind comes in handy. Remember the example I gave about having one product and 10 photos of that one product? Pin these 10 images to 10 different Pinterest boards. That is 100 pins right there. Tailwind will schedule those out for you at 15 times/day or whichever frequency you choose.

Pinning other people’s content is also considered a pin. Each time you pin something you see on Pinterest, this is considering pinning once, twice, or however many times. Tailwind also makes this easy with their Tribes feature.

Don’t have enough content lately? No problem! If this ever happens to me I just fill up my Tailwind schedule with pins from my Tribe members. While some weeks I have most of my own content, there are other weeks where I barely pin any of my own content.

Fresh, New Content

Pinterest also considers fresh, new content to be a new pin. This does not mean new blog content or a new product. Simply use a pin you’ve created before and switch it up a little bit. Maybe change the font or colors, flip the image around, etc. This pin can be linked to the same URL it was linked to before but the fresh, new look will be considered new content according to Pinterest.

Whenever you create new pins, it might be a good idea to also change up the pin description a tad. Here is more about the basics of Pinterest marketing and how to write optimized pin descriptions.

To further explain, if you have a seven year old blog post like me that is still your top performing post, you will want to update your pin that links to that post every so often – whether that is once every few months or every few times it is pinned.


I hope you found this post pinspiring! Just sign up for your Tailwind free trial and let them handle the pinning for you. Happy pinning!

How Often Should you Pin to Pinterest?

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