How Long Does it Take For Pinterest to Work?

If you Tried Pinterest for One Month, you Gave up Too Soon

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I hate to break it to you, but if you tried Pinterest for one month, you gave up too soon. Organic traffic takes time to grow and this absolutely remains true for Pinterest too. If you just started a business or maybe decide to try Pinterest for the first time, do not expect immediate results.

How Long Does it Take to Grow on Pinterest?

I have seen it time and time again with former clients or prospects who have this expectation of massive growth, millions of followers and tons of product sales from Pinterest. The truth it, Pinterest takes at LEAST 3-6 months to grow. And this is with consistent, quality content (pins). I am not talking about logging in once in awhile and throwing up some pins. I mean pinning every single day using high-quality pins (create pins on Canva) with rich Pinterest keyword titles and descriptions.

You may even see results in the first month, but if you don’t, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t working for you. Let your brand awareness grow, create a blog section for your website and give your readers some valuable information for solving a problem they may have. If you tried Pinterest for only one month, you gave up too soon.

Brand Awareness

That said, also be ready to accept that Pinterest is an awareness platform. Although 90% of Pinterest users will use the platform to make purchasing decisions, it still remains as a place to build brand awareness. Think about it with the perspective of a consumer. You see ads everywhere and most of the time, you know when it’s an ad. Do you love them or do you hate them? Most of us hate them. Try not to look or sound like an ad. Focus on building and not how many clicks are translating to sales.

I know this from both personal and professional experience and even Pinterest and Tailwind will tell you the same thing. Use Pinterest to build brand awareness and consistently use the platform correctly for 3-6 months and you will start to see some traction. Check your Pinterest analytics at least once a month to see what is working and what is not.

I Have NO Followers

It might be a hard pill to swallow but I will say it over and over again: Pinterest followers do not matter. Yes, they CAN matter, but do not let this be the focus of what you are trying to build. So what numbers really matter? When you are strategizing after looking through your Pinterest analytics, pay close attention to your number of impressions, engagement and clicks. After all, you want people clicking to your website, right? So what does it matter if they follow you or not?

Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE. If someone logs into Pinterest to find a recipe to cook that night, chances are they will find your recipe pin from SEARCH and not because they follow you. Pinterest does have a tab just for a follower feed, but not everyone uses Pinterest this way.

People can see your pins when they search for something. It can be your profile, Pinterest boards or pins that appear in their search. If you’ve done your Pinterest keyword research and use them in your titles and descriptions, you are more likely to rank in Pinterest search. This is in addition to following all Pinterest guidelines as well as creating fresh, new content regularly.

All or Nothing

When it comes to Pinterest, if you are going to use it as a platform for marketing your business, you need to go all in or do nothing at all. Whether you decide to read a book, take an online course or hire a Pinterest expert, you need to try it out for at least three months before giving up on Pinterest. Better yet, give it a shot for a full six months before throwing in the towel. I bet you will see results by that time and absolutely love what you see!

If you Tried Pinterest for One Month you Gave up Too Soon

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