April 2020 Pinterest Trends

April 2020 Pinterest Trends

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In this week’s Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode I discussed the April 2020 Pinterest trends to keep in mind. With so many people working from home (with or without kids), exercising indoors, homeschooling, cooking from scratch and trying to DIY their beauty routines, there is a lot to search and discover on Pinterest.

April 2020 Pinterest Trends

Pinterest is at an all time high right now. This comes as no surprise to me as so many people are online looking for ideas to get through these trying times. Have you used Pinterest at all in the past few weeks? I certainly have! Pay attention to the increase in these trending searches as a way to get ideas about what you can share on Pinterest through a marketing perspective.

Is your business or niche currently struggling? There are some topics that just cannot be useful right now. I get it. Weddings, travel, restaurants, hotels… it is a struggle right now for so many businesses. So what can you do now?

Some ideas I have seen that I really like include – DIY hair color kits, pizza making kits, beer and wine deliveries, clothing companies making masks and other hospital supplies, coupons or discounts for future purchases, etc.

Try to think outside the box if you can. Obviously, it needs to be doable. If all else, try to build up your email list, especially if you decide to give out a coupon. Your readers will appreciate getting in touch with you again when they are ready to plan their next vacation or their wedding they may have had to postpone.

Health & Wellness

If you are a health/wellness blogger or business, here are some trending searches on Pinterest right now:

  1. Home bodyweight workouts (up 205%)
  2. Home workouts, no equipment (up 329%)
  3. Self care at home (up 332%)
  4. Meditation tips for beginners (up 108%)

Parenting & Kids

If your audience includes parents or caregivers, here are some trending searches on Pinterest right now:

  1. Work from home with kids (up 1657%)
  2. Nature walk activities kids (up 407%)
  3. Home games for kids (up 331%)
  4. Indoor scavenger hunt for kids (up 4x in the US)

Food & Recipes

If you are a food or recipe blogger or have a food-related business, here are some trending searches on Pinterest right now:

  1. Yeastless bread recipes (up 4400%)
  2. Bread in Crockpot (up 3191%)
  3. Sweet Amish bread (up 1499%)

Beauty & Personal Care

If you are an esthetician, hairstylist or in the beauty industry, here are some trending searches on Pinterest right now:

  1. Home hair cuts (up 417%)
  2. Homemade eyebrow wax recipes (up 321%)
  3. DIY manicure at home tutorials (up 159%)

Check out Pinterest’s full report for April 2020 trends!

Pinterest Trends April 2020

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