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Pinterest is for Creators Webinar Roundup

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Today I attended the Pinterest is for Creators webinar called Pinterest for Creators. It was hosted by Jeana of the Pinterest Creators Team, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Alt Summit in March where I was a speaker. Her team attended my Pinterest & Tailwind meetup where I hosted other like-minded Pinterest and Tailwind users. They helped me discuss the new features and do some Pinterest & Tailwind Q&A. Today’s webinar covered the trending topics that are being searched for as well as some new Pinterest features including Trends, Today Tab, Story Pins and Reactions. Here is a roundup of what I learned from the webinar today.

Pinterest is for Creators Webinar Roundup

More than 335 monthly active users are on Pinterest and this number continues to grow on a daily basis as the growth of Pinterest has been tremendous, especially during this crisis. Here are some hot topics to put up on Pinterest ASAP!

The biggest take away with the Pinterest Creators Team has always been: Create to Inspire, not to Influence! I believe this is so true!

Trending Pinterest Searches

Hobbies & Skills:

  1. embroidery for beginners (up 160%)
  2. indoor gardening (up 120%)
  3. life skills lesson (up 113%)
  4. cocktail recipes (up 98%)
  5. easy piano sheet music (up 76%)
  6. remote learning (6x)
  7. online school tips (6x)
  8. activities for adults (5x)
  9. how to paint for beginners (3x)


  1. baking ingredients (up 253%)
  2. quick meals (up 227%)
  3. homemade starbucks drinks (up 172%) – my copy cat Starbucks recipe post on All Natural & Good is blowing up right now!
  4. krispy kreme donuts recipe (up 172%) – another one of my posts on All Natural & Good that is skyrocketing at the moment.
  5. how to make bread (13x) – my sourdough bread recipe is going viral!
  6. frozen vegetables (5.8x)
  7. how to make tortillas (4x)


  1. working from home (up 170%) – I know most of us are doing this right now!
  2. ways to organize your room (up 169%)
  3. garden planning (up 165%)
  4. working from home office (up 150%)
  5. fun things to do at home (up 150%)
  6. kitchen storage (up 139%)
  7. daily schedule (up 116%)
  8. organize bedroom (up 100%)
  9. workout space (up 60%)
  10. home organization (up 43%)
  11. backyard patio design (12x)
  12. meditation room (9x)

Activities for Kids

  1. kids sewing projects (3x)
  2. rock painting ideas for kids (3x)
  3. kids workout routine (5x)
  4. baking with kids (7x)
  5. things to do when kids get bored (8x)
  6. indoor scavenger hunt ideas for kids (67x)
  7. indoor camping ideas for kids (up 38%)
  8. homeschooling ideas for kids (up 124%)
  9. easy lunch ideas for kids (up 128%)

Self Care

  1. working out at home (up 195%)
  2. journal drawings (up 110%)
  3. spa day at home (up 105%)
  4. colorful eye makeup tutorial (up 93%)
  5. healthy morning routines (80%)
  6. DIY manicure at home (up 49%)

Video Pins, Story Pins & Reations

Video pins and story pins were also discussed. Video pins are always great as a teaser with no audio. Story pins are still in beta and are being offered to select accounts. It can only be offered on mobile at this time. I have tried it out on All Natural & Good’s Pinterest account and I am not sure what I think about them quite yet. There is no way to link to anything which is the biggest bummer.

Simple Pin Collective

Reactions are also a way to react to pins with emojis. This is something I haven’t quite played around with or know much about in terms of how it may affect the performance of a pin.

How to Build an Audience on Pinterest

Here are some key takeaways for building an audience on Pinterest:

  1. claim your domain – here is my tutorial for claiming your website on Pinterest using WordPress
  2. use Pinterest Trends, the Today Tab and Audience Insights to create pins that will inspire your audience
  3. create fresh pins each week
  4. try a/b testing on pins to see which performs better

Pinterest is for Creators was just what I needed to feel inspired this week. If you have any content that relates to any of the above trending topics, pin these to Pinterest to get the most out of the all time high Pinterest is experiencing right now.

Pinterest is For Creators Webinar Roundup

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