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Pinteresting Mom Podcast Episode 7

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You are listening to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode 7. I am your host Tabitha Frost from and in today’s episode I will be talking all about Pinterest SEO and keywords.


How to Keyword on Pinterest

If you are wondering what the heck Pinterest keywords are and how to find them, no need to worry. Like I have mentioned many times before, Pinterest is in fact a search engine so there is SEO much like there is on Google. Keep in mind, you do not need to be a SEO expert to know how to do your own Pinterest keyword research and implement those into your Pinterest marketing strategies.

The use of keywords is one of the most important factors of creating a pin. There is nothing worse than a beautiful pin image with no link and no copy. Just an image with nothing to show for it. Make sure you are always including those key elements and using keywords in those areas. So how do you find keywords?

Pinterest Trends

One of the newest Pinterest features in beta right now is called Pinterest Trends. This is a similar concept to what used to be the Google keyword planner in that you can search for certain terms and see how it is trending and during what times of year and at what volume it is being searched. Keep this in mind when you are planning seasonal content too and remember to get it up on Pinterest at its peak and always at least 45 days before the season. The Trends feature will also suggest related searches underneath the Trends graph. This is one way to find and use related keywords. If you happen to have access to Trends right now, you will see this on your dashboard under the analytics dropdown menu on the upper lefthand corner.

Now is a great time for putting up all of the summer related content and other trending topics. I just attended a Pinterest creators webinar the other day that went over what’s trending right now. I did a roundup post on that you can check out for a full list of trending topics. It’s no surprise that people are looking for ideas for working from home, cooking from scratch, how to keep kids busy and DIY beauty tutorials right now while we are all social distancing and quarantining at home.

Pinterest SEO

The other way to find Pinterest keywords is my favorite because it is more familiar and easier to use. I personally still very much utilize the traditional way of finding Pinterest keywords by using the search bar. It uses predictive text to show you related searches similar to what you might see when you start searching for something on Google. When you search for something on Pinterest and press enter you will see colored blocks that contain other related keywords that show up right below the search bar. These are great to use too.

Pinterest keywords should be included on all pin titles, pin descriptions and board descriptions and can also be used on text overlays on your pin images. If you do use keywords on images, just remember to keep it simple and easy to read. A few words or less is all you really need. For example, how to make bread is a trending search right now Pinterest so a text overlay that says how to make bread or homemade bread recipe is perfect.

When using keywords don’t keyword stuff or list keywords. Make sure you write out full sentences that flow and make sense. For example, if you are creating a pin about homemade bread and it happens to not need any yeast, your pin description can say something along the lines of “here is a homemade yeastless bread recipe you can make at home using household baking ingredients.” “Yeastless” and “baking ingredients” are also trending keywords right now that I was able to flawlessly incorporate in the homemade bread pin description.

This pin can be saved on up to 10 different relevant Pinterest boards. If you pin to more than 10 boards this can be considered spammy behavior so try to avoid doing that. For the homemade bread pin you will want to add it to any boards you have about recipes, homemade, cooking from scratch or anything related to homemade bread would be great boards to pin to.

As far as board descriptions, if you have a recipe board, some keywords that I can come up with at the top of my head are quick and easy healthy recipes, meal prep ideas, instant pot recipes and so on. Use a handful of keywords to bring them all together in a few sentences or so as your board description.

The biggest mistake I see on Pinterest is that people have absolutely no descriptions on their boards and this is such a crucial element to the ranking of pins and the Pinterest algorithm, so please don’t forget to check your boards. If you click on a board you should see a description under the title and if you don’t, click on the edit icon and you will see an empty box where you can include your board description.

I also have some content on in the blog section that has some visual examples of Pinterest SEO and keywords so you can check those out if you are more of a visual person. There is also a FREE webinar on where I walk you through how to do a keyword search on Pinterest so you can check that out too.

That is it for today. Thanks for listening to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode 7.

How to Keyword on Pinterest

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