I'm Speaking at MobCon 2020

I’m Speaking at MobCon 2020

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My goal for the year of 2020 was to attend at least one conference per month. I had attended Blogher Health in February and spoke at Alt Summit in March and then the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard. Months prior, I had applied to speak at MobCon, which usually takes place near my hometown. To my surprise, I found out that I’m speaking at MobCon 2020!

MobCon is an annual conference for mom-owned businesses. This year, the conference is virtual which is great for those who normally spend a lot of time and money to travel for events like this because no traveling is needed. I am so excited to teach attendees about Pinterest marketing and how to drive organic traffic to your site using Pinterest.

I’m Speaking at MobCon 2020

Powered by the Mob Nation, Mob Con empowers mom owned businesses through community support, education and networking with other like-minded business owners.

Whether you are a mom with a side hustle or in full time work mode, this is a great conference to learn from inspiring speakers and educational breakout sessions. PS. My talk will be a 55 minute breakout session all about how to skyrocket your engagement with Pinterest.

There’s nothing better than being able to connect with other moms who are also juggling work and mom life than at this incredible two day conference. Now that the conference has gone virtual, it is heavily discounted. Purchase MobCon tickets here if you’re interested in attending.

Use code PINTERESTING MOM for 15% off!

I'm Speaking at MobCon 2020

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