Pinterest Traffic Dropping? What You Need to Know.

Pinterest Traffic Dropping?

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Is your Pinterest traffic dropping? Here is what you need to know.

As a Pinterest expert, I find that a lot of Pinterest users always ask me – Why is my Pinterest traffic suddenly falling off the map? What am I doing wrong? Chances are, you aren’t doing anything wrong or you might have missed a recent algorithm change.

Pinterest Ebbs and Flows

I once heard another Pinterest expert compare Pinterest to the stock market and I completely agree! It will ebb and flow and that is completely normal. Pinterest can be very seasonal and it can all depend on your niche. Be sure to track what’s trending on Pinterest each time you plan your Pinterest content.

There are so many variables! Also remember that someone might be pinning for later – especially if they are planning their wedding one year out, looking for home decor ideas when they haven’t yet renovated, or finding recipes they want to try sometime.

Pinterest Takes Time

Pinterest is a slow growing platform if you are using it organically to drive traffic. New accounts and those will less followers might take longer than more established accounts. Again, it’s all variable.

Ask yourself – how often am I pinning? Am I being spammy or spacing it out by scheduling on Tailwind (get a free month!)? Am I active on the platform every day? Am I following Pinterest creative best practices?

If so, it could just be a low peak for you and your niche.

Pinterest Trends

Track Pinterest Trends and see how your topic ebbs and flows throughout the year. Plan your content at least 45 days prior. If you see “Home Decor” is going to trend back up before the New Year, get your content out between October and December.

Use the related searches below the graph and incorporate those into your Board and Pin titles and descriptions, if they are relevant!

Fresh, New Content

Remember, Pinterest algorithm wants fresh, new content, so try not to repeat pins. When you can, create a new pin using a new image or design. There is no need to always have new blog posts, products, etc. It’s just not always possible, but you can find ways to repurpose your content when creating Pins.

Pinterest also recently rolled out what’s called controlled distribution. This means that Pinterest is showing its users the type of content they engage with the most – both in terms of Pin format and niche. If someone only loves to engage with Story Pins, they will see a lot more story pins than other types of Pins.

Still Having Trouble?

If you’ve tried everything and are still having issues with your Pinterest traffic, you can submit a help ticket through the Pinterest help desk to make sure there isn’t an issue with your account (like accidentally getting marked as spam!).

Sometimes it can be a temporary glitch. If you belong to a Pinterest mastermind or group with like-minded Pinterest marketers, ask them if they are experiencing the same problem. If there are some similarities between you and another Pinterest marketer, chances are it might be a glitch and it will resolve in time.

Pinterest Traffic Dropping? What You Need to Know.

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