The Pinteresting Guide to Story Pins

The Pinteresting Guide to Story Pins

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Story pins are one of Pinterest’s newest features. I was able to beta test this feature with my own blog as well as on some of my client accounts. At first, my colleagues and I speculated that they wouldn’t last but we quickly realized there was a huge push for story pins and for Pinterest users to create and engage with them. Since story pins officially launched this month for all accounts, here is the Pinteresting guide to story pins.

What are Story Pins?

Much like Instagram or Facebook stories, Pinterest story pins have a similar meaning. They are more of the behind the scenes that people do not often see behind those gorgeous pins. They are more real time focused and help your audience become engaged.

A story pin will look like this in your Pinterest feed with the word “story” in the corner. They are in a swipe format where Pinterest users can swipe through multiple pages of photos/videos for that particular story pin. See below:

Pinterest Story Pins

As you can see on this muffin recipe story pin I created, it got nearly 10k impressions, 169 swipe throughs and 14 saves. Not bad. But here’s the catch…story pins are not clickable. At least not yet. I really hope they will be in the near future. I know many creators use Pinterest for traffic so this is a huge bummer.

The upside is that story pins encourage Pinterest users to follow the creator of that story pin to “see more”. While I have not seen an unusual increase in my follower growth compared to normal, they do tend to get a lot of engagement fairly quickly. Here’s another story pin I created that did really well:

Pinterest analytics has metrics just for story pins so you can see how they are working for you.

Story Pin Strategies

My strategy for All Natural & Good’s story pins is to create a story when I want to create a new blog post. Recipes are easy ones to create story pins for. As a matter of fact, I have only created recipe story pins so far. What I do is take photos and short video clips as I make the recipe and post it as a story pin. I also create a blog post for the recipe and create a regular pin for that blog post. I do it all at once so I do not have to go back later to fill in the gaps.

There are definitely more steps involved with this approach but it does get all of the work out of the way at once each time you create new content. It also gives your audience a way to be more involved behind the scenes so they can learn more about you, your personality and your brand.

For those non-recipe creators, think of other ways you can use story pins. If you are in fashion, try on some outfits or give suggestions for outfit accessories. For photography, post some BTS footage of your photoshoots. These are just a couple of examples to get you started.

Simple Pin Collective

I’ve definitely learned a lot about story pins through my Pinterest collective group with other like-minded Pinterest marketers through Simple Pin Media.

Story Pin Tips

I have been attending the webinars from the Pinterest Creators team lately and story pins has been a huge topic. Here are some of the highlights they discussed for story pins.

  • Use keywords within your story pins so Pinterest can better index your pin in search, the Pinterest home feed and related pin suggestions.
  • Add up to 10 relevant tags to enhance your story pins and get your story pin in the eyes of your ideal audience.
  • Add a call to action and text using their font and templates options. Again, these are not clickable but you can still encourage people to follow you or visit your website.
  • Use a compelling image or video as the story pin cover.
  • Use 3 or more pages using a mix of images or short videos (less than 15 seconds).
  • Create story pins once a week to build brand awareness and even your followers.

Has anyone else tried story pins yet? How do you feel about them? Have they helped you in any way so far?

Pinteresting Guide to Story Pins

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