Pinteresting Mom Podcast Episode 2

Pinteresting Mom Podcast Episode 2

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Welcome to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode 2. I am your host Tabitha Frost of tabithafrost.com and in this episode I will be covering what exactly Pinterest is and why it is used for marketing purposes.


Before we get started, if you haven’t yet listened to my FREE Pinterest Marketing webinar you can find it on tabithafrost.com. It covers the basics of Pinterest Marketing in less than 20 minutes and is definitely worth watching.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search and discovery engine. Although many people think it is social media, it is actually a search engine. Pinterest does have social elements, but people use it to find something, right? If you have used Pinterest before you might normally go on the app to look for a recipe to cook tonight, ideas for a birthday party, to plan a wedding and so much more.

I like to describe Pinterest as a modern day pin board. Remember those pin boards you had growing up where you would use thumb tacks to pin pictures to your pin board? I remember pinning pictures with my friends or cut outs from magazines with things that inspired me.

Today, Pinterest is much like this in a sense that users create Pinterest boards (which are usually of different categories or topics) and post pins to corresponding boards.

I like using the example of recipes or perhaps you are a food blogger. You might have a board for breakfast recipes, dinner recipes, instant pot recipes and other related boards so that you can pin your recipes to relevant boards.

What is a Pin?

So what is a pin? A pin is an image that can be clicked on. If a user clicks on a pin, it will go to the URL specified which might be a blog or other website. A pin often times has text overlays and is a 2:3 ratio image that is vertical. We will talk a lot more about pins in more detail on future episodes.

On Pinterest, a pin often times also has a title and description under the image to tell its audience what it is about.

Why Pinterest Marketing?

Businesses, bloggers and other brands may already be using Pinterest for marketing purposes but unfortunately only 27% of marketers are currently using the platform.

I think that maybe businesses do not understand the power of Pinterest for marketing their business or might think to only use it for their personal use. But if you think about it, the 335 million active users on the Pinterest platform want to find something, right? So why not get your product, service or information in front of the eyes of these 335 million people?

If used strategically and purposefully, Pinterest might become the place where a lot of your website traffic comes from – and this is all organic! While there are ways to pay to play, it is definitely not necessary to be successful on the platform. I will definitely get more into promoted pins (also known as paid advertisements) on Pinterest in a future episode.

Pinterest Takes Patience

One of the most important elements about Pinterest marketing is the time it takes to start seeing results. I’ve found that businesses, especially startups, have a hard time with this one. If you are focused on immediate growth, immediate sales and money, Pinterest is probably not the platform for you.

Pinterest takes an average of 3-6 months or more to grow. Sometimes you might start seeing results right away, but typically you do not start seeing results until the three month mark. And this is with consistency on the platform.

This is one reason I had to start implementing a three mont contract with my monthly Pinterest clients because I notice that start up companies and get rich quick thinkers give up before that three month mark.

On the next episode of the Pinteresting Mom we are going to be talking about why Pinterest is my favorite platform plus tons of amazing Pinterest stats that might surprise you.

To get a quick guide on the basics of Pinterest marketing, be sure to check out my FREE Pinterest Marketing Webinar called Pinteresting Ways to Level up Your Brand. You can find the free webinar on tabithafrost.com along with tons of other great free content about blogging, Pinterest and so much more.

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode 2.

What is Pinterest?

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