Pinteresting Mom Podcast Episode 3

Pinteresting Mom Podcast Episode 3

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Welcome to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode 3. I am your host Tabitha Frost of and in this episode I will be telling you Pinterest is my favorite platform. I will also be talking about how I get more engagement from Pinterest than any other platform! I will also be sharing some amazing Pinterest statistics I bet you didn’t know.


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Why Pinterest is my Favorite Platform

In episode number 3 I talked about the 335 million active users on the Pinterest platform. This number is constantly growing and is so amazing for marketers.

Did you know that Pinterest is the second largest driver of traffic? Pretty amazing right? There are also more than 240 billion pin saves. You guys, this is absolutely incredible for all of us as creators, business owners and marketers.

Of those 240 billion pins, 98% are unbranded. There is so much potential for us with only 2% of branded pins on the platform.

I also mentioned on episode 2 that only 27% of marketers are on Pinterest. I mean what the heck! There is a huge potential there. And of those 335 million monthly active users on the platform, around 90% will log in to Pinterest or use the app for making purchasing decisions.

Think about wanting to remodel your bathroom or browse through wedding dress styles. These are both involving the planning of a purchase, right? People use Pinterest with intent. They come on the platform to look for something or find an answer to their question or a solution to their problem.

One of my most popular blog posts right now on All Natural & Good is my homemade hand sanitizer. With the coronavirus hysteria and stores selling out of it, people are turning to Pinterest to find an answer to their question which is how do I make homemade hand sanitizer at home? Although this blog post was written in 2014, it is recirculating again on Pinterest.

You guys, this is what I love about Pinterest. Whether my blog content is 8 days old or 8 years old, it gets engagement for months and even years to come because of Pinterest.

If you having a product or service or even a blog where you sell to or want to reach the international market, you are in luck! As of lately, over 80% of new Pinterest sign ups are from those outside of the United States.

And although Pinterest has been a predominately female platform up until now, over 50% of their new sign ups are actually males. This is huge you guys! If you want to market to multiple genders, now is your chance!

So I know I mentioned how Pinterest takes time and you have to be patient with it and I want to explain that more with some shocking statistics. While posts on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter have a half life of less than a day, Pinterest tops all of the social media platforms with the longest half life.

Can any of you guess what the half life of a pin is? If you don’t know what a half life is, it is basically when a post receives 50% of its engagement after it’s posted. So for Twitter, the half life of a tweet is 18 minutes. This means that the tweet receives 50% of its engagement within the first 18 minutes and then it kind of dies down after that.

For a Facebook post, the half life is only 30 minutes and for an Instagram post the half life is 19 hours. That’s less than a day you guys! A Youtube video has a half life of 6 day which is pretty good compared to the other social media platforms.

Ok so are you ready to find out the half life of a pin? The half life of a pin is 3.5 months! The engagement just builds and builds and builds which is just amazing! A pin is really at its peak at that 3 month mark and it will continue to get engagement and link clicks beyond those 3.5 months.

I know this to be entirely true because my eight year old blog content, some of my top performing blog content, has continued to grow on Pinterest and gets a ton of traffic every single day. I know that when I pinned those blog posts eight years ago I did something right. And some of these blog posts I thought were such dumb ideas at the time and they continue to be my top performing posts both on Pinterest and Google.

I want to go back to my example about my homemade hand sanitizer blog post. I got hundreds of clicks to that blog post the first day I pinned it. So that means I can expect more and more link clicks from now until the 3.5 month mark and even after that 3.5 month mark. Pretty amazing right?

We will definitely get into the strategies of Pinterest on future episodes and really everything you need to know to use the platform with success.

On the next episode of the Pinteresting Mom Podcast we are going to be talking about the importance of a Pinterest business account and some recent algorithm changes that some people are freaking out about. But fear not, I’m telling you that Pinterest is still going to be the best platform yet and if you don’t have a Pinterest business account, create one or convert your personal account to a business account. I will go over that more in detail in a few episodes from now.

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast.

Why Pinterest is my Favorite Platform

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