Pinteresting Mom Podcast Episode 4

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Hi everyone! Thank you for listening to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode 4. I am your host Tabitha Frost and in this episode I am going to be talking about creating a Pinterest business account and why that is important and how you can do that. I will also be going over the recent algorithm changes and what that means for all of us as creators.


First I wanted to apologize for the sound on my Bonus episode, I am still getting the hang of podcasting and the logistics. This is all new to me. I appreciate everyone who has listened so far.

Creating a Pinterest Business Account

I know it has been a difficult time for our community right now with the Covid-19 pandemic but if you are listening I really appreciate it and I hope I can teach you a few things about Pinterest while you are home.

It has been such a struggle working and homeschooling and trying to spilt up the day and get stuff done. Being able to record a podcast episode is pretty therapuetic.

If you want to use Pinterest to promote your business or service, it is extremely important to create a Pinterest business account or convert your personal account to a business account. A business account is different than a personal account and is also free.

Pinterest Analytics

A Pinterest business account will provide useful data through the Pinterest analytics to really help you strategize your content and your marketing strategies. Without a business account you are unable to access this useful information.

If you have a personal account that is already doing well – for example you have a ton of quality followers, business content, link clicks and views, etc. than converting your personal account to a business account makes sense. If you are new to Pinterest then creating a business account from the start is a great idea.

When it comes to a Pinterest business account there are a few analytics that are important to look at which includes the pin stats, audience insights (which includes demographics, interests, location, gender and age) and Pinterest trends (new feature). Trends shows the volume of a search for a particular topic and the time of year.

Enabling Rich Pins

Rich pins is another part of a business account that can be useful. You do not have to know what they are or how to implement them right now, so don’t worry about that. Rich pins are basically a way of pulling extra data from your website to add to the pin in addition to the pin title and description. They are completely free to enable but do require adding some meta data to your website.

If you do not know how to add meta data to your site, ask your web developer. Be careful trying to do it yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing because you don’t want to break your site.

There are product, recipe and article rich pins. You may have seen them already on Pinterest – a price tag on a product pin, recipe ingredients listed beneath a recipe pin, etc.

Claim Your Website

Make sure you claim your website on Pinterest. This is way more important than enabling rich pins. Like rich pins, it does require putting in some meta data on your site. Also claim any social media channels on your Pinterest business account to build credibility and authenticity.

Fresh, New Content

The recent algorithm changes have been overwhelming. People think it means having to create new blog content or new services or products. Do not be overwhelmed. Algorithms will always be ever-changing.

The new algorithm wants fresh, new content and this does NOT mean creating new blog content, a new product or service. What it means is having a pin that has not yet been seen by Pinterest – it is obviously different than the previous pin image.

You can take an eight year old blog post and create a fresh new pin for that post. Use Canva Pro to swap out the template/design, replace with a new photo, change the angles or zoom in/out, rotate, or maybe add some new colors/fonts. All or any of these changes are great for creating a fresh new pin for that blog post.

Update pins weekly if possible or as often as you repost them to Pinterest. There is an example on my Free Pinterest Webinar with a side by side example for my eight year old blog content where I created pins with noticeable differences.

Pinterest wants something new, original and different. The more original and creative it is, the better, even if it caters to only a small audience. Don’t be afraid to put up content you think is too different or weird. Make pins actionable so that pinners want to learn more with calls to action (such as text overlays) to get your audience to want to learn more.

That is it for today. Thank you so much for listening to the Pinteresting Mom Podcast episode 5.

Creating a Pinterest Business Account

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