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Risks of Being a Social Media Influencer Without a Blog

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First let me clarify, I love and respect many social media influencers. I have a lot of micro-influencer and influencer friends as well as blogger friends and I fully respect each and every blogger and influencer I know. With that said, there are some risks of being a social media influencer without a blog.

While being a big time social media influencer with a large following and tons of sponsored content can be truly amazing, it does carry some risks that are not in the hands of the influencer. I always try to preach that you need a cornerstone that is a platform you OWN and CONTROL.

What can you both own and control to give you a leg to stand on as a social media influencer? Well, a blog. Or a website. Even if you have a resume or portfolio type of website showcasing your work, that will do. I will explain.

You Don’t Own or Control Social Media

I hate to say it, but Instagram and Facebook for example, have the right to close your account, delete your content and worst of all – keep others from seeing what you post. Without engagement, you have nothing.

These days sponsoring brands pay close attention to your engagement and may even ask for your analytics (insights) if you have a business account. Having X amount of followers does not mean anything these days.

You have no control over what Instagram or other social media sites decide to do with your account or its contents. Here’s an example of an Instagram influencer whose account was deleted, leaving her without a job. Although her account was later reinstated, there is no telling what could happen to anyone’s profile.

In influencer Jessy Taylor’s case, her account was being reported on numerous occasions, ultimately causing her account to be deleted. With no other job, she depended on her Instagram profits to support her luxurious lifestyle. She described the deleting of her Instagram account felt like murder.

It may be unwise to rely solely on social media to provide you with a reliable job as an influencer. There’s more to this.

Lifespan of Social Media Posts

Did you know the half life of a pin is 1680 times longer than a Facebook post? This is one reason I am obsessed with Pinterest and it is my favorite platform aside from a having a blog.

Thanks to Epipheo for these cool statistics about the lifespan of social media posts:

Instagram – The half life of an Instagram post is about 19 hours.

Facebook – The half life of a Facebook post is about 30 minutes.

Twitter – The half life of a tweet is about 19 minutes.

Pinterest (FYI is not social media, but a search engine) – The half life of a pin is 3.5 MONTHS!!!

Social Media Algorithms

Algorithms are the way that social media (and search engines) filters, ranks and organizes content that others see. This is based on a set of criteria. Algorithms are always changing. Not only on social media, but on Google and other search engines too.

I have had my fair share of scares from changes in algorithms. When Pinterest had their most recent change, my monthly views went from an all time high of 1.3 million to less than half at 500k views. With over 80% of my blog traffic coming from Pinterest, it was difficult to watch my views decrease drastically every single day. It is slowly creeping back up with some changes I have made to adapt to the algorithm changes.

With that said, always be ready to adapt and act upon algorithm changes.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

The bottom line is you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Even as a blogger, you must diversify your portfolio and the ways in which you monetize or gain viewership. This should be the same for social media influencers too.


How can you expand your following outside of social media?

  1. Create an email list and have a place for readers/followers to subscribe. You can do this without a blog and you can build up tons of subscribers in the event social media ever takes a turn for the worst for influencers.
  2. Create a website or blog. This is a no brainer if you are able to do it. Having a place for your readers and followers to go outside of social media is great idea. Learn how to build a blog or website from scratch with my step by step tutorial for beginners. You can create a blog for cheap and with no web design experience.
  3. Use Pinterest! I know this might sound contradictory since most people assume Pinterest is social media, but let me tell you a big secret – Pinterest is NOT social media! It is actually a search engine. Learn more about Pinterest marketing and how it can help your online influence. Pin your content, but learn to pin it right.
  4. Create a product to sell. Social media cannot take your product away. Having an email subscriber list or blog is a great way to promote your self-created product/s to sell.

These are just a few ideas to get your started and goes to show the risks of being a social media influencer without a blog. Try to diversify as much as possible and always have that core platform that you own and have control over as your cornerstone. Instagram should not be your cornerstone, but a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. Make it happen!

Risks of Being a Social Media Influencer Without a Blog

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