How to Use Tailwind for Bloggers

How to Use Tailwind For Bloggers

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I have been using Tailwind for almost a year now and I am really happy with it! Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest where you can pin while you sleep – literally. I will explain more. Here is how to use Tailwind for bloggers for Pinterest marketing and boosting your online viewership.

If you are new to marketing on Pinterest, check out my beginners guide to Pinterest marketing first.

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

As mentioned above, Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest. They have amazing user-friendly features including:

  • More comprehensive analytics than what Pinterest provides
  • A pin inspector to understand how your pin is performing
  • Tailwind Tribes – a community of bloggers who can share pins
  • Tracks the growth of your followers and compares it to previous weeks
  • Analyzes the best times for pinning – when you have the most engagement

Why You Need Tailwind

Instead of spending more money marketing on Pinterest, Tailwind can do this for you in many ways.

Since more than 80% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, I need to constantly be active and pinning posts. What I found is that I was spending too much time on Pinterest and it really took away from the time I wanted to spend on creating more content.

Aside from creating the post and creating a custom Pinterest graphic and pin description, Tailwind does the rest of the pinning process for you. All you have to do is set your schedule and let Tailwind do the work.

I set aside one hour a week to schedule my pins on Tailwind. That’s it! I have saved HOURS of time spent manually pinning every day. And when I was on vacation or away from my computer for the day? Before Tailwind I totally lost out on engagement because I was unable to manually pin. I also hated spamming my followers because I only had one time per day to pin, so I did it all at once.

Signing up For Tailwind

Signing up for Tailwind is easy. Of course I tried the trial first and became instantly obsessed! The trial gives you 100 pins to schedule on Tailwind for free as well as try out some of its other features (excluding Tribes and SmartLoop).

After that, I signed up for a membership for the entire year! It has been well worth it because it saves me time, it helps me grow on Pinterest and has increased my followers by 50 percent!

Here’s the deal, Tailwind does not guarantee these results for everyone and it really depends on a lot of factors. If you can master your SEO, create top notch content and custom images, you are on track for also excelling with the help of Tailwind.

Installing the Browser Extension

In order to make pinning and scheduling of pins easier using Tailwind, be sure to download and install a browser plugin. Here is the Tailwind Publisher for Safari extension and here is the Tailwind Publisher for Chrome extension. Set up is super easy!

How to Use Tailwind For Bloggers

When you are on the website where you want to pin from, locate the Tailwind browser extension icon near the search bar at the top. If you are on Safari, it should look like this. See the pink arrow on the left pointing to the Tailwind icon? That’s me pointing to the Tailwind icon.

Tailwind Browser Extension for Safari

Ok, now we are going to click on a post we want to pin. Here you will find two different ways to pin using the Tailwind browser extension. If you have the Social Warfare Pro WordPress plugin like I do, you will see the social icons where you can click on the Pinterest icon or the Tailwind icon. See the photo below.

How to Pin Using Tailwind

Once you click on either icon to pin, you will see your Pinterest profile pop up like you normally would see when pinning something. The difference is, you will now see an option to schedule rather than pin right then and there. See the image below to see what I mean.

How to Schedule a Pin on Tailwind

Click schedule. Next, your Tailwind account will pop up with the scheduling tool. Add the boards you’d like to add the pin to and then click “add to queue”.

After you follow the above steps, you should then find yourself on your Tailwind home screen where your scheduled pins are located on the right side bar. See mine below?

Tailwind Schedule Example

If you are more of a video/audio person, here is my YouTube video showing you how to pin using Tailwind:

Weekly Pinning Schedule

When you click on the “add/remove time slots” at the bottom of your schedule, you will see the recommended time slots when you have the most engagement on Pinterest. See image below as an example. Add or remove time slots to fit your needs.

Tailwind Weekly Pinning Schedule Example

Tailwind Analytics

Tailwind has its own analytics, or what they call “insights” in the following categories:

Profile Performance – here is an example showing the steady growth I’ve had in followers.

Tailwind Profile Performance

Board Insights – This shows how well your boards are doing. Here is an example:

Tailwind Board Insights

Pin Inspector – I love this feature because you can sort through your pins using different filters and see how well each of your pins is performing. For my pins that perform the best, I add these to my Tailwind SmartLoop, a feature that allows certain pins to be posted over and over again on a set schedule. You can set to re-schedule the pin, add to Tribes, add to SmartLoop or find similar content. Here is an example:

Tailwind Pin Inspector

Website Insights – This shows insights for pins that were pinned from your domain. I love how it shows trending images on the right. This helps me better understand what kind of Canva templates are most loved by my audience.

Tailwind Website Insights

Organic Activity & Referral Traffic – Another way to see what people are pinning from your website.

Tailwind Tribes and Tailwind SmartLoop

Tailwind Tribes – With a paid Tailwind membership, you will have access to the Tailwind community called Tribes. Tribes allows you to join different groups with other Tailwind users. You can add pins to the group in exchange for pinning someone else’s in return. This is a cool honor system and networking opportunity for cross promotion with other bloggers.

With the 20-80 pinning rule, Tailwind Tribes makes it easy to schedule other’s pins in addition to your own. This rule implies that you pin 80% from your website and 20% from other’s.

Since I joined Tailwind Tribes, my reach has improved significantly. Here is an example:

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind SmartLoop – This is another cool feature where you can schedule pins to loop on a set schedule. I add my top performing pins to my SmartLoop so that they are pinning on a monthly or seasonal basis.

I highly recommend at least trying out Tailwind’s free trial and seeing how you like it. I will have more content about Tailwind coming soon. Thanks for reading How to Use Tailwind For Bloggers!

Why Pinterest Marketing is The Best

Did you know the half life of a pin is 1680 times longer than a Facebook post? This is one reason I am obsessed with Pinterest! While other social media posts have a half life of less than a day or less than an hour, Pinterest pins have a half life of 3.5 months! With Pinterest marketing, you will continue to gain engagement on your pins for months or even years to come.

If you are new to Pinterest marketing, I suggest you read my post for a Pinterest Marketing tips.

How to Use Tailwind for Bloggers

Here’s a great video tutorial by Tailwind called Mastering Tailwind for Pinterest – Schedule Pins Like a Pro in 10 Minutes:

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