Understanding Algorithms & SEO

Understanding Algorithms and Search Engine Optimization

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Understanding algorithms and search engine optimization (SEO) can be daunting. Algorithms are always changing and I often feel like it’s hard to keep up. SEO and algorithms go hand in hand. Because of this it is important to understand why both search engine optimization and algorithms are important.

What is an Algorithm Anyway?

Understanding the term algorithm can be confusing. It can have many meanings in different contexts. There are social media algorithms, search engine algorithms and beyond.

The best way I can describe an algorithm that is easiest to understand is the way a platform filters, ranks and organizes content we see based on a specific set of criteria.

Algorithms can change at any time.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is how a website and its code or its contents ranks on a search engine based on its relevance. Keep in mind, the meaning of SEO always changes.

If you don’t know coding, no need to fret. That is why I use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

This is for organic search results and not paid placements or ads. Having that organic search engine optimization is extremely important in the success of your website or blog.

Much like algorithms, SEO changes all the time.

Importance of Algorithms and Search Engine Optimization

I personally feel like if you have great quality SEO from the start, changes in algorithms will not have a signifiant effect on your website and its contents.

Algorithms have a way of sorting out irrelevant content, spam and other low quality content. This is good for those of us who write genuine quality content.

Sometimes great bloggers are writing amazing content but are not optimizing for good SEO. Luckily, you can learn how to improve your SEO skills like a boss.

Myths & Facts (In My Opinion)

I am no SEO or algorithm expert, but what I do know about both is from what I have learned from following a lot of pro bloggers, SEO experts and related podcasts.

I have also learned a lot from the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin which has really helped me transform my websites!

Low Traffic is Not a Bad Thing. Yep I personally believe low traffic sites are not bad. Some are up and coming, much like I feel about this one. This is a new site and I know it has a lot of growth potential.

New Sites Aren’t Bad Either. Google used to appreciate older domains, but it seems as though they prefer newer content. Don’t let your newly established blog with very little readers deter you from growing your blog.

Quality Versus Quantity. There’s a reason this phrase is used a lot for all aspects of life. And it is so TRUE! Having a handful of high quality posts is way better than a bunch of low quality posts that are put up just for the sake of creating content.

Backlinks and Internal Links are Important. Linking to and from your own posts as well as other reputable sites will help boost SEO. Linking to other posts on your site also keep readers on your site longer, which Google wants!

Update Old Content

Creating new content all the time is not necessary. Keep your top performing posts updated and relevant. Here are some ways to update old posts without adding new content to it:

The Most Important Thing to Know About SEO

With SEO guidelines and algorithms being ever-changing, you can’t keep up with it all as a blogger (unless you are an expert of SEO and Google). It would drive you crazy constantly learning about the updates. I mean, who would have time to work on their blog?

What I have learned in understanding algorithms and search engine optimization is to have high quality and genuine content that is updated regularly.

To learn more about SEO, here is my beginners guide to search engine optimization.

Understanding Algorithms and SEO

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