Why I Think Pinterest is the Best Platform

Why Pinterest is the Best

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I know I’m Pinterest-obsessed and I am definitely not hating on other platforms, but after a follower question the other day, I wanted to highlight why Pinterest is the best and what makes it different than other platforms.

Pinterest is Amazing Because…

Did you know Pinterest is my #1 source of traffic for all of my sites? It blows all other platforms out of the water! I get asked a lot of questions about how it compares or differs from Facebook and Instagram, in particular. I try not to even use Pinterest and said platform in the same sentence, simply because it’s an apples and oranges comparison.

Here are some reasons Pinterest is my favorite platform:

  1. It is actually not social media! It is a visual search and discovery engine.
  2. People don’t have to follow you to see your content. As a matter of fact, most people use Pinterest to search and not to browse their follower feed.
  3. Pinterest has over 400 million active users on their platform. It has nearly doubled it’s users since pre-Covid days.
  4. Your Pins are on the platform indefinitely. Unless of course your Pins go against community guidelines and are taken down.
  5. The half life of a Pin is 3.5 months. This means your Pin gets engagement for months and years to come rather than being seen and quickly forgotten. Since Pinterest is a search engine, your Pin can show up in someone’s search, much like Google.
  6. Speaking of Google, your Pins can also rank on the first page of Google. Have you ever searched for something on Google and have seen links to Pins? I sure have!
  7. Many users go on the platform to make purchasing decisions, browse products or purchase products. If you are a product seller, check out their Verified Merchant Program.
  8. Story Pins live on the platform forever, rather than disappearing after 24 hours.
  9. Pinterest SEO is a thing and is what helps you rank on the platform. The number of followers you have is not what equates to success on the platform.
  10. They promote positivity and love inspiring content. You won’t find hate speech and political content on their feed!

Pinterest for Business

If you aren’t using Pinterest for your business yet, you can create a free account or convert your personal account to a business account.

When setting up or converting your account, it is crucial to claim your website. This does require a text code to be placed in the back-end of your site, but your web developer can help you or you can find step by step instructions on Pinterest. If you don’t claim your site, you are more at risk for being marked as spam on Pinterest.

Need Help Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing?

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Why Pinterest is the Best

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