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We are a women-owned and operated Pinterest marketing agency helping businesses build brand awareness on the world’s inspiring visual search engine, Pinterest. As a top-rated Pinterest expert, we know you wear a lot of hats. Let us handle Pinterest for you!

Did you know Pinterest is often mistaken as social media? It is actually a visual search engine where Pinners go to discover, become inspired and make purchasing decisions. 

459 million people come to Pinterest to plan their future. Let’s inspire them to do, act and buy!

Pinterest is always evolving and so are we! That is why our offerings reflect current Pinterest best practices and guidelines. We aim to provide the best Pinterest strategy for you. 

We are here to help with your Pinterest marketing needs. We offer organic Pinterest marketing services, Pinterest management packages, Pinterest consultations and branded Pinterest Pin creation.

Also check out our Pinterest marketing blog for Pinterest marketing tips, blogging tips and Tailwind tutorials. View our Pin creations, publications and speaking engagements in our portfolio.

Pinterest Predicts 2024

Pinterest Predicts 2024

Over 480 million people use Pinterest to plan for their future. From home decor ideas to recipes and outfits, Pinners are always making plans. Each year Pinterest announces their predictions for yearly Pinterest trends based on data from the previous year called Pinterest Predicts. This report is great for content planning for the year by …

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Pinterest Presents 2023 Recap

Pinterest Presents 2023 Recap

Every year, Pinterest Presents showcases new features coming soon to Pinterest! This year’s Pinterest Presents advertiser summit introduced new ad formats, seamless shopping opportunities and innovative pin creation. One thing is for certain, the world of marketing is changing at a fast pace and sometimes it is difficult as a brand or creator to keep …

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Pinterest For Etsy Sellers

Pinterest For Etsy Sellers

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for home decor, fashion and more because it is a visual platform that allows users to save and share images of things they like. This makes it easy to find ideas and inspiration for your own home or wardrobe, for example.  It’s also a great platform for …

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Pinterest Predicts 2023

Pinterest Predicts 2023

Pinterest Predicts 2023 is here! I can honestly say that one of my favorite pieces of content Pinterest creates is their Pinterest Predicts report. It’s fascinating to see Pinterest use their data to come up with a soon-to-be-trending report, versus a year-in-review like some companies do. It makes complete sense since Pinterest is all about …

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All About Idea Pin Ads & Paid Partnerships

All About Idea Pins & Paid Partnerships

Are you using Idea Pins? Formerly Story Pins, Idea Pins are similar to Facebook or Instagram Stories – they are there to showcase behind the scenes moments, ideas behind pins, or really whatever you’d like to showcase as an Idea Pin. It is an organic piece of content that can feature multiple pages or video …

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Pinterest & Men: A Growing Demographic

Pinterest & Men: A Growing Demographic

When you think of Pinterest, you may immediately think of women as their target demographic. It’s true that women make up 76% of the Pinterest audience, as of January 2022. However, men using Pinterest continue to grow. Plus, men are planning to spend more time and money on their goals this year, and Pinterest can …

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Adopting a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Adopting a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Whether you are business owner or blogger, the pressure of rising costs and inflation are affecting many on a personal and business level. When it comes to monetizing and marketing your business, it’s important that it is recession-proof. If there is any advice I can give on the subject, it is that adopting a successful …

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How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2022

Making Money on Pinterest in 2022

Most people know how Pinterest marketing works in a general sense:  as more people save your Pins, the higher your website traffic will be where you would either monetize website traffic with Google ads, Amazon affiliate links, or sell a product or offer a service.  However, did you know that there are several new ways …

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Pinterest Holiday Moments, Tips & Trends

Pinterest Holiday Moments, Tips and Trends

The 2022 Holiday landscape is swiftly picking up and gaining momentum compared to the previous two years.  The 2020 decade started out with the pandemic and that put a stop to a lot of holiday planning and fun.  People had to adapt, and adopted less frequent, intimate gatherings with close friends and family, forgoing large …

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